Personalized Teachers Gifts

Personalized teachers gifts make a lasting memory. Give recognition to a well-performing teacher, or give a stunning and memorable retirement gift. Email us for details of customizing a teacher's gift or teachers' gifts with children's original signatures. A wide range of personalized gifts for teachers are available. A crystal apple for example makes an ideal teachers gift. A custom paperweight or personalized vase will be treasured for years.

optical crystal apple teacher gift realistic
personalized globe award on black base customizedpersonalized engraved optical crystal apple outline silhouette flatpersonalized engraved optical crystal apple flat surface

Crystal Apples

Crystal Apples are an ideal teachers gift. Crystal and glass varieties are available. Some are handmade, and include unique flaws only present in custom glasswork. Add a black glass base for additional space to engrave your personalized message.

See full range of glass and crystal apples.

personalized apple medal for teacher  engraved with names and dates

Personalized Medals

Customized apple medals can be made into teacher awards for a large assembly or group awards ceremony. Many styles in inventory for immediate shipment.

Email us with a budget and quantity required for suggestions. We always work with our customers to help fit their needs.

See the full range of printed medals.

coaches presentation whistle in oak box personalized

Presentation Whistle Award

US Made Coach's solid brass whistle in solid oak hinged box. Available in brass or chrome finish. Price includes a plate inside the lid with name, date and citation. Engrave the top of the box's lid, or have a plate placed inside the box's interior. Personalize the whistle with a small logo or monogram. Gold or silver finish available.

See other suggestions and pricing for coaches gifts.


Personalized Paperweights.

These paperweights can represent big achievements - especially for "years of service" and annual awards. Their small footprint is perfect for displaying on desks or shelves with limited space.

Visit our personalized paperweights pages for:
glass and crystal paperweights
acrylic paperweights
marble paperweights.

cut crystal pedestal thistle vase personalized
personalized engraved vase taunton 10 inch twenty years gift

Custom Crystal and Glass Vases

Flowers will wilt, but a vase will last a lifetime. A personalized message etched onto a vase would make the perfect teacher gift. Let your favorite teacher know that she is appreciated, or create a unique annual award.

Check out all of our available styles for personalized vases.


Glass Bent Beveled Crescent Awards

Our glass crescent awards make for an inexpensive - but very unique - award. The wide variety of sizes allows for easy tiering of awards that have different values, and can be displayed easily.

See pricing and sizes for our glass beveled bent crescent awards.

Browse all of our glass awards selection.

jade arched clocks personalized
rosewood clock with metal plate personalized Jack & Jillpersonalized engraved clock rosewood compass piano finish

Personalized Clocks

A custom clock provides function in your award or gift - perfect for display on desks. Personalize with a unique message engraved into the surface.

We have a wide variety of personalized clocks to choose from!