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Personalized Marble Mortar and Pestles

An engraved mortar and pestle is a durable, functional and decorative gift. Used for thousands of years in preparing food and medicine, it has become a symbol of health and healing. Personalize a mortar and pestle set as a graduation or retirement gift, a medical professional appreciation award, or as part of your home or office decor.


Our mortar and pestles are made from genuine marble, which means that every piece is completely unique.

We don’t use synthetic marble or stone in our mortar and pestle sets. This means that each item will vary in color, shade, and veining.

All artwork and stencils are laid out and engraved by hand, ensuring quality control and deep engraving.


We engrave all of our marble items through the process of sandblasting, which creates a deep, permanent groove that is suitable for filling with paint. This process creates a stunning effect that highlights the text and logos etched into the marble.

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