Recognition Awards

We offer a wide range of items that are ideal for employee recognition awards. Have an item personalized with your company logo and information regarding the employee's achievements.

Fast delivery of rush orders to you is our specialty. There is NO rush penalty. We accept last minute and urgent orders. We guarantee to ship your items on time and under budget.

Clip art or logos can be added to the items in this section as well as others. Email us for some standard artwork available, or send us your artwork.

personalized acrylic arch award on base engraved recognition

Acrylic Recognition Awards

Acrylic awards are among the most popular recognition awards. Their large engraving surface allows detailed artwork and details regarding the award to be displayed easily.

The acrylic can also be cut into various shapes, if necessary.

Check out our huge selection of personalized acrylic awards.

personalized engraved sublimated plaque miranda ferguson award metal recognition
enviromentally friendly bamboo wall plaque

Recognition Wall Plaques

We offer a wide variety of wall plaques that can fit almost any budget. Celebrate the achievements of an individual with a printed metal plate, or promote healthy competition with a perpetual plaque.

Check for pricing and details regarding our personalized wall plaques.

jade beveled diamond engraved personalized award
world map engraved on beveled bent glass plaque personalized

Jade and Starphire Recognition Awards

These glass awards are a happy medium between acrylic and crystal. Awards are available in traditional jade, or the ultra-clear starphire glass. Many of these recognition awards are visually eye-catching, and many include beveling that reflects the engraving and enhances the viewing experience.

Take a look at all of our personalized jade and starphire glass awards.

personalized new cititzen paperweight custom engraved

Recognition Paperweights

Paperweights are perfect for the small office environment. Many recognition awards can be bulky, and with minimal storage space can become more of a hindrance than a gift. Paperweights recognize the talents of an employee without taking up too much space - and often serves as unique office decorations.

Crystal and glass paperweights
Acrylic paperweights
Marble paperweights