Letter Styles (Fonts)

A few styles which are suitable for engraving are shown below.  Just a few examples of each type "family" are shown. We have over 100 fonts suitable for engraving, and over 9500 in all. Some styles are not suitable below a minimum point size, or for reverse engraving (background frosted).

If a particular style is required email an example to us, or send us your .ttf font as a windows format by email. We will recommend suitable alternatives if no identical font is available or unsuitable.

Personalized engraving on glass and marble requires heavier fonts with a minimum line weight, and larger counters. The "counter" is the "island" in letters such as "e". "A" and "a". Many fonts are not suitable for engraving.

All prices INCLUDE engraving. There is no set up charge for a name or monogram and date unless a paper proof is required.

Not sure? Let us decide, or request a paper proof by email.

available fonts for engraving