Sample Wording for Awards & Gifts

Some sample text below will help design the appropriate engraved personalized award or gift for the occasion.

There is NO charge for a sample layout for final checking.

We will suggest a suitable letter style. Some general suggestions for an award or memento:
* Keep the language simple.
* Keep the wording short. Save long phrases for the presentation speech.
* Add a date wherever possible.Insert a printed card, or request one of our free gift cards for additional wording.


Appreciation Awards Sample Wording
Leadership Awards Sample Wording
Retirement Gifts Sample Wording
Sales Awards Sample Wording
Years of Service Awards Sample Wording

Words That Show Thanks and Appreciation

Personalized clocks make awesome "Thank You" gifts!

jade arched clocks personalized

Thank You!
In Appreciation ... for ..
Thank you for all your efforts
Appreciate You!
'preciate Ya!
Sincere Appreciation
Thanks for your hard work and dedication
With Thanks
With Great Appreciation
We could not have done it without you!
Sincere Thanks
For a Major Contribution
We Cannot Thank You Enough
Thank you for your undying support and dedication
Your ability to complete every task well sets you apart.
You Made The Difference
Thanks a Million!
You made a world of difference
You saved our bacon
Please accept this gift with love and affection
Thank you for your incredible generosity

Words That Reward Effort

Well Done!
Sincere Appreciation
Star performer /player /team member
A Rising Star
Success Award ...presented to ..
For exceptional performance in .....
Superstar award
In Recognition of Your Efforts /Contribution
The best the business
(Recognizing) Outstanding Achievement
Your Efforts /Results Inspire Us All
You inspire us all
Honoring ..XX for your hard work and dedication
Recognizing world quality.... and outstanding support.
With deepest appreciation for your __ years of great work.
A Major Contributor to Our Success
You Made the/ a Difference
You made a world of difference
Your dedication Has Not Gone Unnoticed
"Above and Beyond"
Your success and hard work really paid off!
Your success was never in doubt
Unmatched performance in xx
We salute your achievement /contribution
Job well done award
Spirit of achievement award
Your extraordinary efforts establish a benchmark of leadership for everyone in the company to follow.
Significant performance
Outstanding performance
The best of the best
Excellence in ... (sales, production, leadership...)
The best and brightest
The extra mile award
Rookie of the year
Manager of the year
What would we do without you?

We can engrave these statements onto a variety of acrylic awards

personalized engraved acrylic square cincytech

Words That Recognize Performance

Place one of these statements onto a jade glass award

world map engraved on beveled bent glass plaque personalized

Excellence has no substitutes
President's excellence award
Recognizing excellence
Outstanding Leadership and excellence
Breakthrough award
Congratulations on exceeding your goals
Professionalism Award
Achievement award
For excellent performance (sales /leadership /production)
Employee achievement award
The power of excellence award
Spotlight award
Enterprise /Partnership award
For continued success and outstanding growth
For your dedication and commitment.
Your achievements are truly inspiring.
May continued success lie ahead.

Words That Recognize Leadership

You Inspire Us All
Outstanding Leadership Award
For insight and leadership
Celebrating Leadership Success!
For outstanding leadership
Outstanding Leader
Founder and friend
We salute your achievements
Guru, Philosopher and Friend
Recognizing Outstanding /Unmatched Leadership.

Leaders deserve a high quality crystal award or gift

personalized crystal award for Romney Campaign

Words That Recognize Years of Service

Wall plaques are easily scaled "years of service" awards.

beveled mirror wall plaque with black plate

Thanks for xx Great Years
Thanks for everything
A major contribution for xx years, and counting
Recognizing xx years service
We could not have done it without you!
For a Lifetime of Service
Unmatched for xx Years
xx Years And Still Going Strong!
xx years of unwavering support
A Major Contributor to Our Success
xx years In grateful appreciation
For your devoted service and Your undying commitment.

Words for Retirement Gifts

Thanks for your invaluable contribution to our success.
We wish you the best of luck on your retirement and future endeavors.
Congratulations on your retirement
To old memories and new beginnings
May the years ahead be the best of your life!
Retirement is not merely an ending but the beginning to yet another of life's journeys.
Certainty gives us roots. Change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights. (Pauline R. Kezer)
You inspired us all
Sincere Appreciation for your contribution
You will be sorely missed
To old memories and new beginnings!
How will we ever do without you!
A privilege to have worked with you.
We will miss your guidance
Your guidance has been invaluable
In recognition of your years of effort
Your effort inspired us all
May the days ahead bring happiness and satisfaction
You made the difference!
You made a world of difference
May the years ahead be the best years of your life
Your dedication Has Not Gone Unnoticed
We could not have done it without you!
Congratulations on your escape - we "rats" will miss you
Lucky you- swapping the rat race for the horse race
We salute your achievement.
An example to us all!
In Appreciation for XX Years of Service
With Best Wishes from All Your Friends on Your Retirement
What a legacy!
One in a million!
Good luck in the future!
Time to stop living at work and start working at living.

Create something special as a retirement gift:
Personalized Leather...

monogrammed leather folder engraved

...a custom vase...

personalized engraved vase taunton 10 inch twenty years gift

...or a wine bottle.

personalized engraved wine bottle birthday 50 palm springs

Words for Memorial Gifts

Engrave a long-lasting memorial into a marble memorial plaque.

personalized image memorial plaque marble picture photo mary silver fill lettering metal plate

You Will Be Remembered
Forever in Our Hearts
There Are No Goodbyes
One Hell of a Man
In memory of XXX who
XXX personified true vision as a leader and warmth as a friend.
His/her presence brought joy to the office and our personal lives.
She/he will be missed but never forgotten.
Loving Memory Of ...
Teacher, Mentor, and Friend
Given in loving memory of XXXX by YYYY
Missed but never forgotten
We Will Always Remember You

Words for Graduation Gifts

In recognition of years of intelligent hard work and achievement.
Welcome to the labor force!
Now that you are Educated, and Graduated, consider yourself Congratulated!
May today's success be just the beginning of a lifetime of achievement & happiness
Here's hoping your future will be a happy one.
May you have the special happiness of seeing all your dreams come true
A toast to your future!
You got the smarts from Mom's/Dad's side.
Welcome to the real world! It's about time!
"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." -Henry Ford
Waking up drunk is now only acceptable on the weekends.
Graduation means never having to set your alarm clock for noon again.

We offer a variety of graduation gifts and awards

engraved jade plate glass arched desk name plate


Words for Birthday Gifts

See our catalog for a variety of options for birthday gifts and presents.

Happy xx Birthday
Best wishes for the year ahead
Like fine wine you get better with age
Sincerest birthday wishes
XX years and still going strong!
Counting backwards?
You can't turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again.
Hugs, Kisses & Birthday Wishes

Words for Cooking Gifts Such as Engraved Spoons and Kitchenware

personalized engraved wood spoons family wording

Let’s Cook!
I Love Spooning
____’s Kitchen
____’s Bakery
____’s Restaurant
If you can’t take the heat...
Dinner is better when we eat together!
The Perfect Recipe
The “Whipping” Spoon
Friends are the most important ingredient in the recipe of life

If you can’t take the heat...
Not Just For Spanking
Top Chef
Good Cookin’
____’s the Cook!
___ can take the heat!
___’s Hot!
Life Is as sweet as a cupcake
Nothing a cupcake can’t fix
It’s cupcake o’clock
It's always better cooking for two!

personalized engraved bamboo spoon wood baking cupcake