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Sample Wording for Years of Service Awards

Let your staff know that you appreciate the years of hard work that they have put into your company or organization. Using Years of Service as part of your recognition program can reduce turnover and improve overall satisfaction in your workforce. When choosing your wording, be sure that the number of years is featured prominently in the design. Consider including a “Thank You” message or a list of achievements. Below are some wording examples, coupled with different products as suggestions.

Your Logo
Thanks for
5 Years of Service
Recipient Name
We appreciate your dedication!

Thanks for working with [Your Company]
for 15 Years
Recipient Name

Recipient Name
For 25 Years of Service
We honor your enthusiasm and commitment to
Your Logo

We are so grateful
For your 10 Years with
Company Name
Recipient Name

Recipient Name
Has Been Loyal To
Company Name
For 20 Years
Thank You!

Company Logo
“Recipient Name,
Thanks so much for all your years with us!”
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