Leather Engraving Service

Bring us your leather goods for personalization. We laser-brand your designs into any leather items that can fit in our engraving machine.

Anything that fits in our laser machine (max 18" x 12" x 6") can be personalized! Check that the area you want engraved is smooth and is not obscured by handles or flaps, and that your item can be laid flat and stand no taller than 6 inches. If your item is oversized, contact us with the dimensions, and we will put together a custom quote.

Glass Engraving Service

Personalize your barware, decorate a family heirloom or create custom glass panes for your home or business.

We can sandblast (deep etch) or laser-engrave (light etch) your glass items, based on size and the desired result. Items that fit within the size requirements for light etch can also be deep etched for a modest price increase. We recommend deep etching for quality engraving, and light etch for fast and inexpensive engraving.

Wood Engraving Service

Add your own personal touch to a wood item. We can laser-etch detailed artwork and images into wood.

A laser works differently than a wood-burning tool. Instead of scorching the surface with a broad band of heat, the laser uses a highly focused beam to apply heat to a specific area. Laser engraving allows for much finer detail than a burning tool. Note that the final color of the engraving will vary, depending on the type of wood and any treatment or staining it may have gone through.

Wine Bottle Engraving Service

Personalize a wine bottle with an engraved message. We can etch your text, artwork, logos and other designs directly into a full bottle of wine.

We can personalize