Burgundy Teardrop Art Glass Award


This teardrop-shaped award is a handmade art glass piece, blown and shaped to produce unique and dazzling effects. Red and black glass accents are suspended in the clear outer teardrop, creating a shape-within-the-shape effect. The square crystal base adds extra weight to prevent tipping, while also providing space to engrave your personalized message.

Note: due to the handblown nature of this item, each piece will vary in size, shape and color. Small bubbles and flow lines may be visible. These variations are considered part of the art and are not defects.

Add to Base:

Add a metal plate or engraving to the base. Contact us for custom colors

Personalization Details

Provide instructions for personalizing your item. If you have logos, images, or layout files that you wish to use, please email us after ordering.

Additional information

Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 3.125 × 3.625 × 11 in


Laser etching, or light/surface etching, involves the item being placed in an apparatus which fires a laser beam at high tempturatures and high speeds, burning away the surface of the material. The result varies based on the substrate’s resistance to heat. This process is most suitable for wood, leather and acrylic.


Sandblasting, also known as deep etching, utilizes a pressurized stream of sand particles to carve away the surface of the substrate. The result is a deep, uniformly frosted engraving. Sandblasting is best for crystal and glass items, and is our standard engraving process for most of our awards.


Color Fill is the process by which we paint into the engraved surface of an award or gift. Color fill can be used to draw attention to parts of your award, or to act as contrast when engraving into a dark or black glass. If the item was engraved via sandblasting, the stencil is left on to provide an easy guide for filling in the engraved areas with color. Gold and silver fill are the quickest to apply and fastest to dry. All other colors must be applied slowly and take much longer to dry – up to a day.


UV printing allows for fast, full color printing onto almost any smooth surface. The ink adheres best to slightly porous materials that are still flat and rigid. UV ink does not fade like many other prints; the ultraviolet light only hardens the ink further.