Personalized Wall Plaques

We offer all styles of custom engraved and printed glass, wood, marble and metal personalized wall plaques. Plaques are ideal recognition awards for regular achievements, integrated into an incentive program, or as retirement gifts that can easily be personalized. Just a few of a very wide selection of personalized recognition plaques are shown here. Logos can be printed in full color. All personalized to your specification.

Rush orders and urgent requests are always welcome. We never penalize last minute rush orders. We also supply hundreds of custom engraved wall plaques available from most trophy stores - Email us for details.

beveled mirror wall plaque with black plate

Engraved Glass Mirror Wall Plaque

A high quality wall plaque can outshine many other award types. These brilliant glass mirror plaques are highly reflective, making them very noticeable and evocative.

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1-5 bus. days
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beveled mirror wall plaque with black plate

Glass Mirror Wall Plaque with Plate

For those who want to impress their recipient without going over budget, we offer our glass mirror plaques with an engraved metal plate.

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1-5 bus. days
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NEW! Leather Wall Plaque

For a very unique award, take a look at our leather wall plaques! These plaques are etched using our laser-branding process, leaving behind a dark effect

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1-3 bus. days
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full color wall plaque on walnut with photo

Printed Walnut Wall Plaque

high quality printed wall plaque stands out above anything else hanging on the wall. Beautful full color images can be recreated on a metal surface alongside your wording and other artwork.

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1-3 bus. days
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Engraved Walnut Wall Plaque

Engraved wall plaques have been a staple in the awards industry for decades. This standard-bearer has stood the test of time due to its versatility and ease of presentation.

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1-3 bus. days
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wall plaque lasered alder personalized

Alder Wall Plaque

Looking for a light-colored wood? We recommend an alder wall plaque. The contrast in color between the light red alder and the dark engraved area makes the etched artwork stand out.

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1-3 bus. days
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enviromentally friendly bamboo wall plaque

Bamboo Wall Plaque

For the eco-conscious, bamboo plaques are the first choice. One of the best renewable building materials, bamboo has a wide variety of uses and is easy to recycle.

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2-4 bus. days
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Marble Shooting Star Acrylic Wall Plaque

Acrylic can be shaped in ways that would be expensive or impossible for glass. This acrylic wall plaque is no excecption. Two large stars have been cut into the back of the plaque.

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1-3 bus. days
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Chrome Military Hero Wall Plaque

A unique chrome-edged wall plaque with a military seal of your choosing and a personalized printed plate. Honor veterans and active service members for their acts of bravery or contributions to the community.

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Perpetual plaque customized with picture and company logo
perpetual multi-plate plaque engravedperpetual plaque UTSW with logo engravedperpetual plaque toyota 12 plate personalized multiple plates

Perpetual Wall Plaques

For offices that have limited space for a large trophy display, a perpetual wall plaque is an easy way to commemorate award recipients on a regular basis. We provide a wide variety of plaques in a multitude of sizes and styles.

Contact us with your needs for a perpetual wall plaque quote.

personalized engraved plaque rosewood piano finish black gold lettering dallas disd
custom wall plaque with florentine decorative edgepersonalized wall plaque custom piano finish black metal gold reveal

Piano Finish Wall Plaques

Looking for custom plaques? These gorgeous piano finish plaques are available in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Contact us for available options and we'll work to find beautiful wall plaques that fit within your budget.

wall plaque custom blue marble background personalized
personalized custom wall plaque florentine edge

Blue Marble Wall Plaques

For certificates and other award types, a marble effect can make a wall plaque really stand out. Blue marble metals are available on most pre-made plaques, as well as our own custom plaques. Contact us for a quote and more details.

gavel wall plaque personalized
gavel wall plaque engravedrosewood gavel wall plaque piano finish Fort Worth Health Underwriters

Gavel Wall Plaque

High quality solid walnut plaques with decorative gavels mounted onto the plaque. Available in several sizes and styles.

For a price quote, customized options and other details, please contact us.

piano finish engraved wall plaque with suspended acrylic panel engraved

Suspended acrylic wood plaque

Piano finish wood with screws
Suspended acrylic wall plaque
Laser engraved detail

Two sizes - rosewood or black plaque
8" x 10" - $ email
10" x 12" - $ email

No set up charge applies
One size only in stock - others two days

light bulb wall plaque personalzied with logo and text
wall plaque lgiht bulb personalized with plate or laser print

Walnut light bulb wood plaque

Mount a light bulb to one of your plaques to show that you appreciate the bright ideas of the award recipient!

Currently on backorder.

custom coach wall plaque personalized for sport and coach
personalized black mirror plaque custom engraved and color fill

Custom Coach Wall Plaques

We offer a wide range of custom wall plaques in walnut, glass and metal for that special coach. Plaque mounts and custom artwork will really make your award or appreciation gift really stand out.

engraved marble picture wall plaque personalized

Marble Beveled Plaque with Photograph

Heavy, 3/4" black natural marble plaque
Size 8"x10" and 9"x 12"

Click here for details
Designed to hang on a wall - easel stand available

Wood plaque in shape of state
shape of state wall plaque award personalizedwall plaque state shapepersonalized engraved wall plaque indiana gavel gold black plateengraved custom wall plaque Ohio engraved

USA State Shapes
Walnut Plaques

Special shapes of all US states are available in four sizes.
Shown right LA, IN, OH and TX

Email for prices and shapes available.
Email us for a full range of plaque styles.
Personalized custom walnut wall plaques.
US produced

Allow two days lead time for items not in stock.

custom walnut wall plaque with donor names

Totally custom American Walnut Plaques

Special custom plaques manufactured to your specification

This plaque 16x20"

No set up charge applies. Here hundreds of donors are honored.

Email details for prices

personalized engraved perpetual wall plaque singapore army wood shield black metal gold reveal
personalized engraved perpetual wall plaque singapore army wood shield black metal gold reveal

Custom Perpetual Wall Plaques

Have an old perpetual wall plaque that you want to modernize or recycle? We can place new plates on your old board or plaque, or help you create a new one.

Special custom plaques manufactured to your specification.

Email us for pricing or details.


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