Perpetual Wall Plaques

We offer all styles of custom engraved and printed glass, wood, marble and metal personalized perpetual wall plaques. Just a few are shown here. Use perpetual wall plaques as an inexpensive and easily displayed recognition award for the whole office. Incentivise achievements with a coveted position on the perpetual plaque!

Logos can be printed in full color on personalized perpetual wall plaques without additional set up charges. We also supply hundreds of custom engraved wall plaques available from most trophy stores - email for details.

custom personalized wall plaque multiple engraved plates
personalized custom photo perpetual plaqueperpetual plaque UTSW with logo engravedperpetual multi-plate plaque engravedPerpetual plaque customized with picture and company logoperpetual plaque toyota 12 plate personalized multiple plates

Perpetual Walnut Wall Plaques

Many variations with multiple plates available. Specify number of plates required. Several styles have space for a picture.

Competitively priced from $80 - $220
Price depends on number of plates and material used.
Veneer or solid walnut available. Allow three days lead time for these items.

Less expensive veneer plaques also available

Browse a selection of wall plaques for engraving.

personalized engraved optical crystal perpetual plaque

Optical Crystal Perpetual Plaque

This unique award doubles as a perpetual plaque, with room for crystal nameplates down the blue section of the award.

Clear, white and cobalt blue crystal used in the production of this award, as well as a gorgeous stepped base.

For pricing and details, please email us.

wall plaque brushed brass UNC Pro Bono

Metal Wall Plaque Alternatives

Print technology allows full color logos, even photographs and signatures. We offer nine alternative styles of metal plates. PMS match not possible but colors will be close.

One production sample at no additional charge.

engraved belt buckle wall plaque personalized
Engraved alderwood wall plaque with paintbrush personalized

Custom Wall Plaques

Solid American alder wall plaque Laser engraving allows incredible detail. Grain and coloring vary.

Sizes availble:
5" x 7"
6" x 8"
7" x 9"
12" x 15"

Engrave a poem or prayer of your choice in all sizes.
e.g. Classic "An Irish Nun's Prayer" on aging.

personalized engraved bamboo wall plaque hap kido sublimated plate
enviromentally friendly bamboo wall plaque

Solid Bamboo Plaque
Environmentally Certified "Green"

Solid renewable "green" wall plaque Ideal for laser engraving and friendly to the environment. Laser engraved detail, or place a metal plate on the bamboo board.

In five sizes: 6" x 8"
7" x 9"
8" x 10"
10" x 12"
12" x 15"

Not all sizes in stock - allow one day.

light bulb wall plaque personalzied with logo and textwall plaque lgiht bulb personalized with plate or laser print

Walnut Lightbulb Wood Plaque

Solid American walnut wall plaque. Laser engraved detail.

One size only: 7" x 9" deep cut lasered or with metal plate. Less expensive veneer also available for more than 4 items.

custom coach wall plaque personalized for sport and coach
personalized black mirror plaque custom engraved and color fill

Custom Coach Wall Plaques

We offer a wide range of custom wall plaques in walnut, glass and metal for that special coach. Size from 6x4"

Nominate a budget from $15 and we will find a perfect gift for you.

custom walnut wall plaque with donor names

Totally Custom American Walnut Plaques

Special custom plaques manufactured to your specification

This plaque 16x20"

Here hundreds of donors are honored

Email with details for prices

personalized engraved perpetual wall plaque singapore army wood shield black metal gold reveal
personalized engraved perpetual wall plaque singapore army wood shield black metal gold reveal

Custom Perpetual Wall Plaques

Have an old perpetual wall plaque that you want to modernize or recycle? We can place new plates on your old board or plaque, or help you create a new one.

Special custom plaques manufactured to your specification.

Email us for pricing or details.


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