Personalized Embedded Lucite Awards

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Embed Your Items

Lucite acrylic embedment is a popular choice as an award or deal toy. We can create standard shapes, or create a fully custom award. Once embedded, your new award can be engraved with a personal message or unique artwork.

Supply your own items to be embedded forever in acrylic - shell casings, charms, miniatures, even liquids like crude oil! Send us one of your items, or ask us about diecast and custom figurines. Custom embedment orders can be scaled to produce hundreds or even thousands of items - or scaled down to produce just one piece. No minimums and no small order penalties!


Embedment Process

You can choose to supply your own items, or select from a variety of die-cast figurines and objects. We can embed metal, wood, glass, even some liquids! Once the item has been chosen and the design approved, we surround the item with the casting liquid, then place it in a high-pressure oven, to work out any air bubbles or flow lines in the material. After baking, the lucite award is then cut and polished, and any external print or engraving is applied.

Custom Acrylic Awards

We can help bring your award design to life! In addition to standard shapes, we can create fully custom cast-molded awards to your specifications. A permanent, custom mold will be created for your award, so you can re-order your design for years to come. Custom molded items can be standalone trophies or be embedded with objects.