About Crystal Images, Inc.

Hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm Central, Monday - Friday

Phone: (972) 438-2337

Email: orders@crystalimagesinc.com

Crystal Images, Inc. is a full service personalized gift and award supplier in North Texas. We started in 1994 and now operate from 3540 square feet in Irving near Loop 12 /SH183, about half way between downtown Dallas, and the Dallas /Fort Worth international airport. We started with crystal and glass, and have added laser engraving, and full color sublimation printing to provide a vast range of personalized gifts and awards at all price levels (see catalog). We ship all over the USA daily, and welcome international orders.

In an emergency several several hundred items are available on a one day ship basis with NO rush penalty.

Today our small staff guarantees you uncompromising customer focused service you can only find from a small organization. Our senior staff have over ten year experience engraving. Quality is a way of life! Our most junior staff member has the right to stop production if quality issues arise. We love what we do and it shows!

We are totally committed to customer service, providing the highest level of services and products always delivered on time in a friendly and efficient manner. You have total freedom to personalize and design unique gifts and awards delivered within budget. We guarantee to disclose all charges in advance so there are NO surprises.

Repeat business comprises over 80% of our orders. Many repeat customers have now purchased from us for over a decade. If you are not currently a customer we hope to have the opportunity to add you to that list!

Crystal Images, Inc. is situated in Irving, North Texas about half way between the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and downtown Dallas. We are directly opposite the site of the Texas Stadium in Dallas county.

Our workshop is in STADIUM OFFICE PARK on Peters Road, between the Eastbound service road of SH 183 and Grauwyler Road in Irving. We are directly behind the Days Inn Motel on SH 183. Peters Road is one road East of Loop 12.  Click here for a map and driving instructions

Office hours are 08:30 AM to 5:00 PM Central daily, M-F without appointment. Saturdays or later by appointment.

Call 972-438-2337 to schedule a convenient time outside those hours if required.

The ship to address in the Dallas /Fort Worth area is:

Crystal Images, Inc.
1915 Peters Rd. Suite 313
Irving, TX 75061-3244 U.S.A.

Click here for a map and driving instructions.

To achieve your total satisfaction. by producing exquisite, perfect awards and gifts within your budget. We will supply an excellent product, at a reasonable price. On time shipment is guaranteed.

QUALITY is a way of life during production. Our most junior staff member has the right to stop production if quality issues arise.

Our level of SERVICE will surprise you. Rush charges never apply.

PRICES are competitive, particularly when all set up, and other "up front" charges are taken into account. ALL charges are disclosed up front and there are no surprises. No charge is made for paper proofs or lettering.

SMALL orders are welcome.

WE ARE THE ENGRAVER. Purchasing direct has major price and flexibility advantages!


  • We are fully equipped to produce complicated logos and text, even signatures on a wide variety of crystal, marble, metal and ceramic items.
  • Both light and deep engraving are done on glass and crystal.
  • Laser engraving is offered on wood, acrylic, leather and metal items.
  • LASER etching of leather produces a "brand" as the leather is scorched by the laser.
  • Full color sublimation printing is a heat transfer printing process onto metal and ceramic substrates which allows up to 7000 colors with NO color separation.
  • We have over 14,000 letter styles in stock, and can take artwork generated in almost all PC based software formats, compatible with Mac.
  • A paper proof is always supplied before engraving, and there are no rush charges.

LASER "surface or light" etch is done by a laser beam which creates a permanent frosted area on the surface of glass in one step.

  • The surface veneer of the glass is shattered in a micro pattern by the intense heat of the laser.
  • It is the preferred method for engraving acrylic, metal and particularly wood.
  • Laser etching is amazingly accurate and can reproduce very fine artwork impossible with deep etching. Halftones are possible to enhance engraving.
  • Laser etching is ideal for long runs particularly, and where cost is important. Cost per item is lower on long runs, as it is quicker.
  • Shape is critical as only flat or cylindrical items can be engraved. It is not suitable for most lead crystal due to the lower melting point of the glass.

DEEP ETCHING involves the total removal of the top layer of glass.

  • It is labor intensive. A photo generated stencil is glued by hand onto each item, which is then masked off with plastic.
  • The item is then sandblasted, to transfer the image, washed, dried and polished.
  • Irregular and curved items can only be done by deep etching.
  • Cost per item is almost the same for short and long runs, as labor is a major component.
  • Line art is required. Half tones cannot be engraved.

DYE SUBLIMATION PRINTING involves full color transfer of thousands of brilliant colors to metal, ceramic, and other substrates.