Personalized Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are among the most popular methods to add unique decorative accents to a home, whether in the bathroom, on the kitchen countertop, around the pool or in the garden. Have an antique mural placed on your wall, or display a single tile with a memorable quote at your front entrance. We can sublimate one design across multiple tiles, or create a single memento. Fast delivery of rush orders to you is our specialty. There is NO rush penalty. We accept last minute and urgent orders. We guarantee to ship your items on time and under budget.

original antique Portuguese will tiles
original antique Portuguese will tilesantique Portuguese tiles

Antique Wall Tile Mural Reproductions

Antique tile murals add a touch of class to any room. The cost of getting an original piece is often prohibitive - and in some cases, purchasing originals from other countries can be illegal.

Instead of dashing your dreams, consider a replica tile mural. Email us with the style you want - something we have on-hand, or from a high-res photograph - and size. We will work to fit your needs! Email us for details.

personalized tiles make a memory
personalized tiles make a memorypersonalized tiles make a memorypersonalized tiles make a memorypersonalized tiles make a memorypersonalized tiles make a memory

Printed Wall Tiles

Wall tiles that have been sublimated with a photograph or other image. Can be set into a wall, framed or displayed on its own. Send us your own photographs, or request something from our library. Sublimated tiles are 3/16" thick.

Ships in 3-5 business days.

Starting at $13.50 each. See details.


Personalize Your Own Wall Tiles

If you have already purchased tiles for your home and want to have them personalized, we can work with the tiles you provide!

The personalization process that we suggest will depend on quantity of tiles and the type of materials provided.

Email us for pricing and details.