Custom Poker Gifts
Poker Awards and Engraved Poker Prizes

We offer a wide range of custom poker gifts from under $10. These custom items carry YOUR personal details and information. These are NOT the normal poker items available from every engraver. Fast delivery is our specialty. There is NO rush penalty for same day shipping. These poker gifts and awards can have your text of your choice and even logos. Fully custom items to your exclusive design. Design your poker memento today.

Rush orders are welcome. Fast service is always available for a few poker gifts. We are happy to fulfill your last minute orders. We guarantee to ship your items on time and under budget. Clip art for poker and other sports can be added to the trophies in this section as well as others. Contact for standard artwork available. All awards engraved with your company or club logo, and full tournament details.

personalized poker chip carry case and set

Rosewood Poker Chip Set

This engraved poker set contains 100 poker chips in four colors, two packs of playing cards, and five red dice. Price includes engraving on the rosewood carrying case. Add a custom dealer chip and denomination plate.

Ships in 1-3 business days.

Starting at $49. See details.

personalized printed poker chips white full color
personalized printed poker chips black full color

Custom Printed Poker Chips

Create your own poker chip set, printed with your own personal imagery!

Place photos, text, logos, brands and more on your own custom chips.

Email us for pricing and details.


Poker Dealer Button

Create a custom, personalized dealer button for your poker games. Print your logo onto one or both sides in black and white or full color.

Ships in 2-4 business days.

Starting at $9. See details.

poker chip denomination plate brass customized

Poker Chip Denomination Plate

Avoid the confusion of different color poker chips at your table! These Custom Poker denomination plates allow ANY chip to be ANY denomination. The value of poker chips in play is clear at all times from both sides. Sized for four standard 39 mm casino style poker chips.

Ships in 1-3 business days.

Starting at $12. See details.

personalized engraved resin poker award metal plate sublimated

Resin Poker Awards

Resin award perfect for your own poker tournaments, or to reward your Poker Night host. Contact us for a quote or for other poker-related awards and trophies.

Custom engraved poker medal personalized with neck ribbon
custom poker medals with color printing and neck ribbon

Custom Poker Medals in a variety of styles

Custom Medals are ideal for a variety of poker awards.
Tournament name & club logo engraved on all.
Full color logos and design available.
Minimum just four medals.
Lead time required just a few days.