Art Requirements

Art Requirements & PC File Formats

Camera ready final art is usually NOT required. Send logos and text required by email. Allow us to set up text in our system in fonts suitable for engraving, or the medium we will use. Many fonts are not suitable for crystal and marble engraving. We will clear set up cost with you in advance.

Black and white line art is required for deep engraving. Full color fonts can be in almost any PC format.


  • Please email the text required, or attach a MS Word or spread sheet file.
  • Ignore formatting which we will correct. We no longer accept fax instructions. Email ensures accuracy and minimizes cross checking.
  • Lists of Names should be sent in email, or attached in a Word, spreadsheet file or Open Office alternatives. 
  • Spreadsheet tables are acceptable if the full name is shown in one column.
  • If changes are made resend the complete list with additions at the end of the list, and changes highlighted. This becomes your packing list.


  • Please suggest a font, and we will suggest a similar alternative which will engrave well. We require minimum 1 pt line at final engraving size.
  • Many fonts ideal on paper are NOT suitable for glass or marble under 15 to 25 point. Counter size (the center of an e, a and o) is most important.
  • We will suggest alternative fonts which are similar and will engrave accurately.


  • Attach the files to your email. Ideal format is vector EPS; AI or WMF file in PC format up to Illustrator version ten.
  • A conversion charge of $15 applies to PDF files, which are not always usable.
  • Attach files to e-mail. We do not accept Mac, or Zipped files.
  • Logos from MS Word or PowerPoint lose resolution to extract - we need the original file imported into the program for accuracy.
  • Camera ready logo art if supplied to be at least 4 times the final engraving size. A setup charge of $25 /logo applies.
  • Cost of conversion and /or clean up of files will be cleared with you in advance
  • Mail a clean hard copy to us at 1915 Peters Rd.#313, Irving, TX 75061 as back up.


  • Vector drawings are preferred for accuracy. Save all logo text as curves (outline).
  • Formats: PC only. Adobe .eps, .ai or wmf. Corel .cdr also ppt /emf /cgm /wmf /emf /drw /dsf

Bitmap Images are less accurate but may be usable. Bitmaps should be at least twice the engraving size, and:

  • 300 dpi (dots per inch) minimum
  • black and white line art is required. We cannot reproduce half tones on glass or marble.
  • PC formats only - examples gif /jpg /tif /bmp /pcx / tif /png /ps
  • Web file formats jpg and gif are usually low resolution under 100 dpi, and do NOT reproduce accurately

SIGNATURES We can reproduce signatures on glass and print on wood or metal, making a unique long lasting memento.

  • Get a large signature up to half a page using a roller ball or felt tip pen - do not use a ballpoint
  • Attach a file in any pc format with a scan of the signature - examples gif /jpg /tif /bmp /pcx / tif /png /ps
  • Allow for a set up charge of $10 minimum ( for good artwork). We will clear any additional charge with you

For multiple signatures please follow this procedure for best results (do not use a ballpoint)

  • SIZE: We will email you the space available on the item you choose
  • GRID: Draw this size rectangle on a blank sheet of copy paper using a heavy pen like a wedge tip "Sharpie"
  • DIVIDE the rectangle into blocks for the number of signatures required using heavy lines. If the spaces are too small ...
  • INCREASE the size of the rectangle proportionately ( e.g. x1.5 or x2 to usable size) up to legal size 10 1/2"x13" page.
  • STAPLE a new clean blank sheet without lines over the page with the lines. Your heavy black lines on the bottom page should show through.
  • SIGNATURES are now collected on the top BLANK page. The heavy lines from the bottom page act as a guide
  • USE FELT TIP OR ROLLER-BALL BLACK PEN. Light or ball point pens do not reproduce well.
  • SCAN- top page of signatures only (or send us the page to scan). Use minimum 300 dpi for best results. The minimum scan charge is $10. Any additional clean up charge (eg to remove lines) will be cleared with you in advance.