Personalized Apple Awards

We offer a wide range of apple awards, personalized to your specifications. Have your apple award mounted to a base of your choosing. Fast delivery of rush orders to you is our specialty. There is NO rush penalty. We accept last minute and urgent orders. We guarantee to ship your items on time and under budget. Clip art or your own artwork can be added to the items in this section as well as others. Email us for some standard artwork available, or send us your artwork.

Glass paperweights are great keepsakes and desk ornaments.

Glass and Crystal Paperweights

Our paperweights will make you rethink your awards. Unique shapes and designs mean that you can use these inexpensive paperweights in place of full-sized awards and save big. Great for years of service awards and donor gifts.

Visit our glass and crystal paperweights page for products and pricing.

Glass awards are the perfect balance between quality and value. The standard award.

Glass Awards

Glass awards are among the most common in terms of material, and for good reason. Glass can be cut, beveled, faceted, colored and shaped into countless designs and styles for a fraction of the cost of optical crystal. The possibilities are nigh endless!

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Crystal awards are the highest quality product available, and are perfect for your best performers.

Crystal Awards

Crystal Awards are the be-all, end-all in terms of awards material. The glass is heated and pressurized to eliminate flaws and bubbles in the glass, creating an unparalleled optical clarity. Perfect for your best-of-the-best award recipients.

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