Personalized Vases

Personalized vases are very acceptable alternatives to trophies. Personalized vases and bowls engraved with logo and text are ideal for both display and use. All personalized custom vases are attractive, heavy, and have space for engraving. Have a vase personalized for decoration, give them as stunning retirement gifts, or even as recognition awards for outstanding employees. Make a gorgeous personalized vase the pinnacle of your incentive program.

A very wide range of crystal and glass vases are available, all suitable for engraving. We will be pleased to make recommendations within your budget. There is NO penalty for rush orders. We always welcome last minute orders and urgent requests.

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York Vase with Gold Spiral

Back in stock! Heavy lead crystal vase wound with heavy gold "spiral" rods. Rim is cut at an angle.

9.5" tall personalized vase - $135

Plenty of space between the gold spirals for engraving!


Bormilio Rocco "Vinciana" Vase

NEW High quality Italian personalized vase with petal shaped opening.

Plenty of room on all four sides to engrave logo, recipient and details.

Approx. 9 inches tall personalized vase: $45

personalized engraved vinciana vase bormilio rocco

Heavy Glass "M&M" Vase

Very heavy clear glass personalized vase

10" personalized vase - $50
12" personalized vase - $65
14" personalized vase - $75

Ideal large space available for engraving

Ideal for a 6"x6" lighted base below
One size in stock - more available in one day

Engrave personalized heavy glass vase personalized, circular M&M

Bormilio Rocco "Duemila" Vase

NEW High quality Italian vase with space to engrave vertically.

Vertical cuts along all four sides with horizontal cuts on bottom third.

9" in tall personalized vase - $52

personalized engraved duemila vase bormilio rocco 9 inches

Elliptical heavy glass vase

Unique clear glass handmade elliptical vase. Ideal for engraving.

Two other sizes can be ordered, if you require three or four sizes

Medium 10" personalized vase (on backorder) - $55
Large 13.5" personalized vase (in stock) - $75

Only a few in stock!

elliptical heavy glass vase personalizedpersonalized engraved vase ellipse elliptical top

Lead Crystal Carré Vase

Heavy European vase with rounded square shape.
Wood display bases available - see below.
Add a quality metal plate with a name and message

Made under a division of Riedel Glassworks, one of the best manufacturers of glassware and crystal.

10" Heavy walled personalized vase: $58

personalized engraved lead crystal vase carre accent e square round rounded custom

Tall glass "Twist" Vase

NEW Tall, heavy wall vase - triangular with a "twist."
Contemporary design.
Height 12"
Price $64

Gently curved side suitable for most engraving.

engraved twist vase retirement gift personalized

Lead crystal "Vantage" Vase - Slant cut top

Unique European crystal cup with heavy base and slant top highest quality German manufactured.

Three sizes: 7.75" /9.75" /12"
Price $75 /$92 /$108

Engraved wood display bases available - see below
Add a quality metal plate with a name and message

Will ship in 3-5 days

Order similar items in the Sterling Cut Glass catalog (allow a few days)
Trophy cups and bowls are on pages 5-6, and 21-29

engraved slant top vantage vase personalizedheavy lead crystal trophy vase with slant front engraved

Personalized Crystal Lotus Vase

One of our most popular vases! Deep incised pattern reflects light.
Height 7.75" / 10"
Price $78 /$120

Wood display bases available - see below
Add a quality metal plate with a name and message
Lighted wood base 6"x6" is spectacular


personalized engraved vase with lighted basepersonalized lead crystal vasepersonalized engraved vases lotus 10 inch

Lead Crystal "Symphony" Vase

Top quality heavy German vase - very heavy.

Each of four sides has a large clear area for engraving.

Two sizes 9.25" /10.5"
Price $85 /$110

Order similar items in the Sterling Cut Glass catalog (allow a few days).

Crystal petal shape vase engraved personalizedpersonalized lead crystal symphony vase engraved

Crystal Bowls

We stock a wide variety of heavy glass and crystal bowls.

Prices from $69+ engraved.

Wood display bases available - see below.

engraved flared crystal bowl personalized

Walnut bases for personalized vases and bowls

A wide variety of sizes of walnut bases are available to display your personalized vase or bowl. Black recessed felt lined center. Add a quality metal plate to personalize. Solid walnut /black velvet insert four sizes. Lighted bases are also available.

Check out all of our available bases in walnut and more.

walnut base for vase of bowl

Personalized Vases Pg 1

Personalized Vases Pg 2

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